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RO DBT Skills Group Classes



Do you identify with any or all of these traits?

  • Rigidity in behaviors or thinking (perfectionism)

  • Need for structure and order

  • Excessive need to be in control (over control)

  • Difficulty accessing emotions/emotionally guarded

  • Rigid rule follower/ Care a lot about doing the “right thing”

  • Conscientious or meticulous planner


If this sounds like you, you may struggle with an "overcontrolled" coping style and benefit from RO DBT skills classes.


What is RO DBT?

Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT) is an evidence based treatment for individuals who have problems associated with excessive self-control, often referred to as an emotionally overcontrolled (OC) coping or personality style. Although high self-control is generally a good quality, and valued by our society, research indicates that too much self-control can be problematic and can lead to chronic mental health problems. Individuals with an OC coping style exhibit such a high level of self-control that it interferes with their ability to function effectively, connect well with others, and be flexible.

RO DBT was not designed for one specific diagnosis but has shown efficacy in reducing the symptoms of overcontrol and improving the functioning in

  • Anorexia nervosa,

  • Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and other personality disorders

  • Treatment-resistant anxiety and depression,

  • Autism spectrum disorders.

What is Radical Openness?

Radical openness is the core underlying concept and skill in RO DBT. It involves an intention to more thoroughly explore the areas in your life that are difficult or painful. It is a way of behaving and a state of mind based on the RO DBT view that emotional health involves three features:

  • Being receptive and open to new experiences and feedback that doesn’t necessarily fit with your own thoughts and beliefs, in order to learn.

  • Having the flexibility to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

  • Intimacy and connectedness with at least one other person.

​What is the difference between RO DBT and DBT?
Traditional Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)  was developed to help clients with problems related to an  “under-controlled” style of coping. For example, individuals who have a hard time regulating their emotions or often engage in impulsive behaviors. RO DBT is a treatment for clients who tend to struggle with excessive control and rigid thinking patterns. A more detailed sumary of the differences is available here.

Is it group therapy?

No! The focus of classes is skill acquisition – not therapy. The RO DBT course curriculum contains 30 lessons. Each 90-minute class covers one lesson. The classes are divided up into two 15-week “semesters.” You can sign up for one or both “semesters.”



Adult RODBT Skills Group Class Offerings:


Option 1: Adults 18+

Ongoing enrollment starts every 5 weeks

When: Thursday evenings 6:00-7:30pm CST 
Beginning January 18th, 2024

Location: In person at Relief & Recovery Psychotherapy


Option 2: Adults 18 +

Ongoing enrollment starts every 5 weeks

When: Wednesday afternoons 12:00-1:30pm CST 

Beginning January 17th 2024

Location: Zoom

The fee for each class is $75 per week


Interested in participating in an RO DBT Skills Class? 

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